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The Best Websites for Inspiring Content Marketing Ideas

Written by: Will Hughes Published: 31st July 2014

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” (Picasso) The greatest challenge facing content marketing teams is the matter of coming up with sensational ideas which go ‘viral’ and turn you into a demi-god in the eyes of your client. Realistically these ideas are few and far between but, as we have discussed in previous blog posts, [...]  Read the rest of this entry »

12 IFTTT Recipes We Wish Existed

Written by: Paul North Published: 24th July 2014

IFTTT is great. It’s simultaneously simple yet able to help with some of the fiddliest things in online life. The only problem is that it takes some research and a little imagination to work out how to create a recipe that you actually need. What’s missing are the recipes for the many things in everyday [...]  Read the rest of this entry »

Content Marketing: Digital’s Eureka Moment

Written by: Paul North Published: 16th July 2014

In ecommerce marketing, there are several core goals that marketing teams have been chasing since the rise of social media in 2006. Among the major ones are: the creation of a truly multichannel strategy; maximising team collaboration; achieving full integration with the rest of the organisation and increasing engagement with customers . Content Marketing: Digital’s [...]  Read the rest of this entry »

Big Group Acquires Search and Content Agency Mediarun

Written by: Alex Published: 11th July 2014

Integrated marketing and communications agency, Big Group has acquired London-based Mediarun, a specialist SEO and creative content agency, for an undisclosed sum.   The 14-strong Mediarun team specialises in search and creative content marketing across a range of diverse industry sectors including fashion, ecommerce, legal and technology. Established in 2005, the agency was behind the [...]  Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter Profiling in 2014

Written by: Freddie Neighbour Published: 25th June 2014

The History of Twitter Profiling Historically, producing audience snapshots and profiles with Twitter has been a relatively simple process. With a quick flick through relevant profiles and monitoring for buzzwords in people’s biographies, agencies have been able to satisfy a client’s lust for socially-aggregated insight. The information and reports created allows brands to crudely structure [...]  Read the rest of this entry »

The 5 Best Fashion Outlets

Written by: Neve Rabbou Published: 19th June 2014

You may have arrived to this blog post in search of the best bargains, and although you may find that, my main intention is to give you a deeper insight into the success of fashion outlets, how they are capitalising on current market trends, their business purpose, and the differences between the main brand vs [...]  Read the rest of this entry »

How We Made the Dresses Infographics

Written by: Paul North Published: 5th June 2014

Our two “dresses infographics” have been the most popular things we’ve done as a team and such is the interest from the industry and public alike that I thought I’d write a little about how we made them. Following, therefore, are the stages of the design process in approximate chronological order. In reality, research began [...]  Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Influencer Tools for Digital PR

Written by: Jenny Illmann Published: 28th May 2014

One of the finer arts of Digital PR is the skill to connect brands to timely and relevant news stories and events. Digital PRs are required to be extremely reactive and innovative in the ways they present brands and the means by which they ensure the right people talking about a brand at the right [...]  Read the rest of this entry »

ExFEARiential: how much is too much?

Written by: Sara Guerra Published: 22nd May 2014

I’ll start by sharing a clip that I watched several months ago and had troubled me. “ExFEARiential” advocates acting on fear as the most effective method to get a message across to the public. True to its purpose, the clip got imprinted in my memory and I still remember it vividly; although for all the [...]  Read the rest of this entry »

A History of Dresses from the Cannes Film Festival

Written by: Paul North Published: 14th May 2014

Sequel time. After the success of the the Oscar Dresses Infographic we applied the method known in content marketing circles as ‘iteration’, which means doing that popular thing you did again but slightly differently this time. There’s also the fact that we enjoy doing these things and the fact that lots of other people do [...]  Read the rest of this entry »

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