The Dresses Worn By All The Best Actress Oscar Winners

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UPDATE: We have now released a new version of the infographic, adding many more designer names as well as 2014’s winner, Cate Blanchett. See it here. You are also able to purchase an A2 copy of The Oscar Dresses poster from Love Miss Daisy.

hi-res oscar dresses  

We don’t often feature work of this type on our blog but it was one of those ideas we had that just wouldn’t let go, despite not having an ideal home in a client’s content strategy. We therefore decided to do it anyway and present it as a case study or portfolio piece that demonstrates the kind of thing we do for fashion brands.

We wanted to do something to explore the fashion aspect of the Oscars and thought it would be great to have a poster that displays as many of the dresses as possible. Pretty early on, we realised we had to limit it to just the Best Actress winners in order to fit them into a reasonable file size while making the dresses large and detailed enough to be enjoyed. I would still like to do another one featuring all nominees from major categories, but I need to work out the logistics of that first.

The reason we took this approach to the topic (as opposed to say, a stats breakdown with icons and lots of facts and numbers about how many dresses of which designer were worn etc) is because we try to make our work reflect the needs of the intended audience. In general, we prefer infographics that show, rather than tell but in fashion, people respond well to beautiful imagery, so we did our best to represent that. We instructed the designer to emulate the visual style of a dress designer when depicting the frocks, using freehand lines and watercolour-style shading.

Other than the pleasure of looking at the dresses and remembering them from the occasion (depending on your age), it is interesting to see how styles change over the decades. The 50s are classically elegant, as one might expect, while the love/hate relationship people have with 80s fashion is on full display with wildly different and highly original designs each year. The early ceremonies were a far less extravagant occasion and fashion choices reflected that, while today’s events see luxurious flowing gowns from the world’s leading designers.

Research for this required us to look up every award-winner and find several photos of them in the dress. Older photos, being in black and white presented an issue so we made every effort to find written references to the dresses so we could recreate them in colour. The other significant challenge was in finding the name of designer of each dress. We’ve done our best within the time we could spend on this but many are still marked as ‘unknown’, due to the scarcity of this information. If anyone who sees this can tell us which ones we’re missing, we’ll happily update and re-release the infographic at a later date.

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  1. Suzie Furmston Says:

    Can I buy this as a print? I love it!

  2. Karen Says:

    Didn’t Joann Woodward make her dress herself?
    Not sure if she designed it, though.

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    You should sell prints of this.


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    I absolutely LOVE this. Do you sell prints/posters?! As a movie/fashion enthusiast, I NEED.

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    OK, I’d buy this as a poster. I am just putting that out there. It’s awesome.

  6. Will Hughes Says:

    We are currently looking into the cost of making prints. We’ll let you know as soon as possible.

  7. Jennifer Yousfi Says:

    I love this infographic! So stylish and well done. Here are a few more designer names:

    1940 – Vivien Leigh – Irene Gibbons
    1941 – Ginger Rogers – Irene Gibbons
    1944 – Jennifer Jones – Anita Colby
    1956 – Joanne Woodward – makes her dress herself
    1966 – Julie Christie – makes her own trouser suit
    1977 – Faye Dunaway – Geoffrey Beene
    1991 – Kathy Bates – Jeff Billings


  8. Jennifer Yousfi Says:

    Okay, one more -

    1961 – Elizabeth Taylor – Christian Dior


  9. Jennifer Yousfi Says:

    One more: 1961 – Elizabeth Taylor – Christian Dior

  10. Will Hughes Says:

    Thanks Jennifer! We are going to be doing an updated version early next week which will include this year’s winner and all of your great research! Glad you liked it.

  11. Lindsay S. Says:

    Want to throw my hat in as far as purchasing a print/poster of this. Hopefully the shipping from England wouldn’t be too outrageous! But yes, I agree- once you update with this year’s winner, I WANT ONE. :)


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    Can I get a quote for a print? I would like to give this as a birthday present for a friend whose birthday is at the end of March. He is an Oscar fanatic. Possible?

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    wonderful idea It be great to know what movie too!

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    This is brilliant, please can I have a print?

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    I would love to have this as a poster, as well!! Please let us know if you’re able to find someone to print this … or if you could sell the pdf version, that might be an option as well. I could stare at this image for hours, would love to hang it up in my workroom!!

  17. RexAnne Davis Says:

    I really want a poster of this. Will you release the image for that or etsy the print?

  18. Heidi Wineland Says:

    I have spent the past 15 years recreating these dresses in miniature as The Academy Award Action Figures. Finding full-body head to toe pictures before 1995 (the year People weekly started the custom) is a nightmare, not to mention the challenge of finding backs and color pics. Thank you SO much. this has given me new hope. And thank you to Jennifer Yousfi for supplying some of the info I have been missing.

  19. Ruth Says:

    Please! I want my name on the list to by your updated version. This is a wonderful poster and I’d love to have it for my sewing room. It would be truly inspiring to see!

  20. Ruth Says:

    Please! I want my name on the list to buy your updated version. This is a wonderful poster and I’d love to have it for my sewing room. It would be truly inspiring to see!

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    I would love to buy this as a print or….even better…download a high quality version and print myself!

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    Sign me up for wanting a print. I’d certainly order one… or more!

  23. Andrew Schroeder Says:

    Audrey Hepburn’s dress was designed by Edith Head.

  24. Natalie Says:

    But where is Judy Holliday?

  25. Tyler Says:

    This would be so much fun to see as every Best Actor’s blazer. It wouldn’t be as initially eye catching, but it would be so interesting to see the subtle changes over time.

  26. Deborah Landis Says:

    Now I want the one that shows the costumes for the roles for which they won that Oscar! First came the role…then came the red carpet!

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    A wonderful record of fashion and the Oscars – thank you! Please, please, please make it available as a print/poster.

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    This is great! I would definitely be interested in buying a print of the updated version next week, I Wonder what Cate will wear… (I’m calling it now). Please get in touch when the new one’s ready :)

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    I too think this is fab and would love a print if they ever get made.

  42. Will Hughes Says:

    Good spot. Judy Holliday didn’t turn up to the ceremony and Ethel Barrymore accepted the award on her behalf. We’re going to add that to the bottom list of no-shows so thank you.

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    I congratulate for the research and the work, but I definively agree with Deborah Landis: we need one poster with the costumes’ winners and the list of costume designers! That would be a big homage for the great creators of characters’ clothes!

  51. Kim Roach Says:

    I def would love this as a print as well. :)

  52. Ivy Says:

    Have you tried contacting anyone at the Margaret Herrick library of the Academy of Morion Picyure Arts and Sciences for your missing info, especially for dress colors? They have a fantastic collection and may even have some of the original designers’ sketches.

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    Just gorgeous… I’m in for a print too please!!

  62. SirLizard Says:

    Wonderful graphic! FYI, before you do your update, I just wanted to mention that Anna Magnani’s name is spelled wrong. It says “MAGNAN”

  63. Jodie Wilcox Says:

    If you still are missing names of designers, you might contact the Fashion Institute of Technology’s fashion Museum,in New York City, for assistance. They have one of the largest collection of fashion in the world. If they can’t help, try their library. Good luck!

  64. JaneLockhart Says:

    I believe you might want to check into 1930. Didn’t Norma Shearer win for the Divorcee, not Mary Pickford?

    I also would LOVE a poster/print.

  65. Melanie Simpson Says:

    Please produce this as a print……pretty please

  66. Louise Says:

    Would LOVE to buy a print of this image.

  67. JaneLockhart Says:

    1928: Janet Gaynor won for three films “Seventh Heaven”, “Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans”, and “Street Angel”.
    1929: Mary Pickford for “Coquette”
    1930: Norma Shearer for “The Divorcee”.

  68. SirLizard Says:

    This may clear up the confusion about Audrey Hepburn’s dress, regarding giving credit to Hubert de Givenchy over Edith Head. I think that it’s not only true of Hepburn’s film costumes, but also for her dress at the awards ceremony.

    1955 – Black and White – Sabrina – won
    Note: Although Edith Head won an Oscar for Best Costumes, most of Audrey Hepburn’s “Parisian” ensembles were, in fact, designed by Hubert de Givenchy and chosen by the star herself. However, since the outfits were actually made in Edith Head’s Paramount Studios costume department, some felt that doing so created enough of a technicality to nominate Head, instead of Givenchy. And, indeed, since she refused to have her name alongside Givenchy’s in the credits, she was given credit for the costumes.

  69. Dawna Says:

    Would love a print. Please advise how to obtain one!

  70. Toria Says:

    Please let me know if this goes to poster/print. I would live one in these in my bedroom. Stunning. Excellent work.

  71. dd Says:

    Anna Magnani surname is misspelled, the last letter is missing.

  72. Cassandra Says:

    This infographic is fabulous and would make a great poster for everybody from fashion students to film fans! I’m writing a post about it on my blog to be posted tomorrow.

  73. Camilla Joergensen Says:

    What a fantastic poster – sign me up for info on buying a print!
    Bronwyn Cosgrove wrote a wonderful book on the subject: Made for Each Other. Unless listed otherwise the following info is from Cosgrove’s book
    1929: Janet Gaynor – Off the rack from a children’ shop
    1930: The Academy actually had two ceremonies in 1930 so you’re missing Norma Shearer – Adrian (1928 – Janet Gaynor, 1929 – Mary Pickford in french Haute Couture)
    1936: Bette Davis – Orry-Kelly (costume from Housewives)
    1937: Luise Rainer – Her own nightgown
    1941: Ginger Rogers – Irene
    1942: Joan Fontaine – off the rack from department store I. Magnin & Co.
    1945: Ingrid Bergman – Howard Greer
    1950: Olivia De Havilland – Orry-Kelly
    1961: Elizabeth Taylor – Marc Bohan
    1966: Julie Christie – made her own ensemble
    1976: Louise FLetcher – Alfred Fiandaca of Boston (Source:
    1977: Faye Dunaway – Geoffrey Beene
    1979: Jane Fonda – James Reva

    Looking forward to seeing the updated poster:-)

  74. Bianca Says:

    Love this! Great job. Really interested if you decide to sell as prints, be great if you can keep me posted, thanks!

  75. Richard ADkins Says:

    1948 – Loretta Young – designed by Adrian. Came also with a cape of the same emerald green watermark silk with a ruffle around the edge and a large bow to fasten it at the neck. She decided to order something flashy from Adrian “just in case” she won for “The Farmer’s Daughter”. She was an Adrian salon regular as well as he had dressed her in “Midnight Mary,” “Bedtime Story,”‘ “A Night to Remember” and several costumes for “The Bishop’s Wife.”

  76. Pam Weidman Says:

    I want one too.

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    I’d like to see this in wallpaper and giftwrap as well. Pretty please and thanks

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    Beautiful. You did a great job! I would love to see this in wallpaper, stationery and fabric as well. Pretty please and thanks.

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    How about the back of the dresses on the back of the poster. ;) I dare you!

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    A poster would do these images justice. Please have it printed and send me price details, etc… I truly covet one! Thank you!

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    Would like to purchase as well as soon as possible.

  86. Bryan McClerren Says:

    I can not find Judy Holiday listed for winning best actress for Bells Are Ringing made in 1950.

  87. Bryan McClerren Says:

    Nor can I find Vivian Lee’s 1951 win.

  88. Bryan McClerren Says:

    Streisand and Hepburn both listed as winning in 1969.

  89. Andrea Says:

    Yes! Add the movie as well and this is a no-brainer buy for me as well!!!

  90. Julie Says:

    I love this, and I’d love to see it as a set of paper dolls! Two things, though: You missed Norma Shearer (there were actually two ceremonies in 1930, in April and November, because they were running a year behind!), and Claudette Colbert did attend the ceremony in 1935 (although she showed up at the last minute, wearing a travel suit, but still looking glamorous!)

  91. Bryan McClerren Says:

    1933 winner is not listed.

  92. GCD Says:

    Me too! Add me to the list :) Agree that the film name would be a cool addition but it’s still an awesome print without! Congrats mediarundigital!

  93. Kristi Says:

    An absolutely amazing print and idea…I would purchase this in a heart beat.

    Love love love it all!!!!!

  94. DefenderLA Says:

    Wasn’t JLaw’s Dior dress more a light pink than a white?

  95. Liz Allman Says:

    Please tell me I can buy this?! Obsessed with the Oscars, Obsessed with the fashion, Obsessed with this print. Love love love! The movie they won for would be a great addition. Please contact me as soon as they’re ready to purchase!

  96. Anita Says:

    I’d love a print as well, or the ability to purchase a high-res file and print it myself. I’ll keep checking this site for updates, but would love to be contacted should the print or file become available. Great work!

  97. j. morsman Says:


    You may want to double check, but you indicate that Claudette Colbert did not attend the 1935 Oscar ceremony, however there is a very well known story that on the evening of the awards ceremony she was stopped at LA’s Union Station (prior to departing for a trip to New York ) and was wisked to the ceremony in order that should could accept her award in person. She was dressed in a traveling suit and there are numerous photographs of her from the event with her holding the award. The train was detained at the station awaiting her return from the ceremony.

  98. Kate Says:

    Please put me down for an unframed print! Brilliant.

  99. Steven Rykers Says:

    Ditto about buying the poster…

  100. Richard Adkins Says:

    The 1948 gown was designed for Loretta Young by Adrian. He designed for her in “Midnight Mary,” “Bedtime Story,” “A Night to Remember,” and “The Bishop’s Wife”. The gown also has a cape of the same emerald green water mark silk.

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    1956 is Anna Magnani (with an i at the end)

    1958 Joanne Woodward designed and made her own dress

  116. scott Says:

    1963 – Anne Bancroft did not attend – but a famous dress DID go to the podium.

    The award was accepted by Joan Crawford – who was battling with Bette Davis at the time. Davis was nominated for best actress for Whatever happened to Baby Jane. Crawford was NOT nominated (for same film) so she forced Bancroft (who wouldnt be attending) to let her accept in her place. And Crawford had two dresses made – one black, one white, so that she could oppose whatever Davis wore. Bancroft won – and Crawford got to take the stage.

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    This is wonderful, and I’m another who will buy a few prints when/if they become available!

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    Lovely work! Although you missed Norma Shearer from the 3rd Oscar ceremony. I have seen pictures of her holding her Oscar; I’m not sure if they’re from the actual ceremony but she’s not on your list of actresses who did not attend. But it’s an amazing work; you should make one with the best supporting actress winners.

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    This poster is great! We could potentially help you with art prints and distribution of your art in North America. We will be taking on new artists over the next few months. check out our page @

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    Lovely work

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    1993 Emma Thompson is wearing Caroline Charles, not Giorgio Armani.

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    Yes please to a poster

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    This is such a great idea! Hope this can be a reality because I would truly frame this for my studio!

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    Shirley Stamou (blogger’s Garotas Modernas – modern girls in portuguese, from Brazil)

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    I love the poster and the memories of the nights they accepted that they evoke (starting with Shirley Booth). Count me as another one of those who wants a copy of the poster when it’s ready!

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    Great idea and I definitely want to buy one….or two or three! I’m loving the outpouring of details,corrections and back stories in the comments. You could print a double sided version with the info sourced from the comments printed behind each image.

  175. Teena Phillips Says:

    Luise Rainer winner of the 1937 and 1938 Oscar can be asked personally about her dresses. TCM broadcasted a 1 hour interview by Robert Osborne with the 105 year old star on Jan 22, 2014 entitled “Luise Rainer: Live From the TCM Classic Film Festival of 2010″. She was an absolute DELIGHT.
    I would love a poster too.

  176. Reza Says:

    Please check the Vanity Fair website. They recently ran a slide of former Best Actress winners and many designers you have listed as unknown on your poster are named there.

  177. Tracy Frank Says:

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    I also love this and would buy a poster. Just a note — it’s Anna Magnani, not Anna Magnan.

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    Correction: Emma Thompson was wearing Caroline Charles and NOT Armani for her 1993 Oscar win.

  187. Pilar Says:

    Absolutely bright idea!! We love it!! We have share this on our blog. Please let us know when you get this printed, we want to buy some copies.

  188. Hayley eaton Says:

    I would also like to buy this as a print/poster but can see I’ll have to join the queue. Please notify me as soon as this is possible. You’d be mad not to go ahead with this as it’s obviously going to be hugely popular and successful. I absolutely love it!

  189. G Lee Boudreaux Says:

    I would absolutely love this as a wall or poster print. If you do decide to release for sale, would love to know price. Maybe the price could be affordable.

  190. Rachael Says:

    Stunning work Paul. I would love a print once you have made the updates. I never cease to be amazed by the collective intelligence available on the internet. Again, beautiful work, thanks for putting it together!

  191. Torsten Says:

    What a great idea – the perfect start for me to watch the Oscars today.
    I definetely would buy a print / poster.
    Let us know where we can buy them. Thank you!

  192. Dora Says:

    Fabulous !!!! Definitely want one too!

  193. Rachel Says:

    You guys have created something brilliant here, and the breadth of comments highlights just how well received it is. I too would love to hear if you make it available for sale as a print (I’d love a copy in my sewing room!). Off to have a look at the rest of the website now – it may not be relevant to me, but it sure looks like it may be interesting. Enjoy the coverage this all brings. Rachel

  194. Becky Campbell Says:

    Please keep us updated with details of this being made into a print. I would LOVE to have it in my sewing room. Thanks!

  195. liza Says:

    I’d love to buy the print!!!!!!!!! PLEASE! Maybe after tonight you can add the 2014 dress and then make this for sale??? PLEASE?!

  196. Rachel t Says:

    Love this and would buy a print of it.
    Please email me once you have this available

  197. K Evans Says:

    Please add me to the list, if you turn this into a print for purchase. I love it!

  198. Clare Stephen Says:

    Please keep me updated re how to purchase a print; I would love one. Thank you.

  199. Cheryl Sebrell Says:

    Joanne Woodward both designed and sewed her own gown.

  200. Victoria Says:

    Simply beautiful. Pls advise if you will be selling prints.

  201. Holly Watts Says:

    I would love updated print/poster also

  202. Kirsten Says:

    I would also like to know when the print will be available! And I think you could sneak in a photo of Joan Crawford’s winning Oscar outfit – she was so scared she wouldn’t win, she stayed home “sick” then miraculously recovered to accept her Oscar from the media in her nightdress. There are plenty of photos available!

  203. Lisa Rodriguez Says:

    I would love to be able to purchase this poster! Please let me know if it becomes available!!! Thanks : )

  204. Debra Says:

    I cannot stop looking at this. Beautiful. Please add me to the print list!

  205. Shane Ruff Says:

    I shared the image on my work facebook page and TONS of my fans want to buy this as a POSTER – or on shirts or ANYTHING – can you PLEASE let me know when/if it’s available as a Poster – Have you secured rights from the Academy to use the word “OSCAR” I know they WONT let other people use it or profit off it without written permission… you must check with them before going to print.

  206. Samantha Williams Says:

    Please let me know when this is available to buy as a print. I want it on my wall!!

  207. Sandra Says:

    I also would like to have this as a poster! Please, let me know if this will be awailable somewhere as poster or highres image.

  208. Vikki Says:

    Please do a poster. This is great, and Id love a copy. Can you let me know please if you go ahead, and I hope you do. Thanks

  209. Tenestilo Says:

    Love this infography! Thanks for sharing!

  210. Richie Downes Says:

    As much as I love this, can we please have a MALE version of this? I would love to see see the mail version as well. I find this amazing though and will be keen to see the ‘evolutionary’ styles that men have used too. On another matter though, I’m a Photoshop user and this is fantastic, I would love to see this in a printed format, or at least in a high-res format myself, partly so I can gift it to my sister as an iPhone or iPad or even her computer wallpaper. Can you please consider that? Thank you. Richie.

  211. Belinda Says:

    As above! Please let me know when this infographic is available.

  212. Lisa Says:

    my husband found this last night. I was agog. I so want one for my sewing room.

    This is beautiful.

  213. Andy Says:

    Cool poster, but they are one year wrong.

    Jennifer Lawerence won the 2012 Oscar but it was awarded in 2013.
    Cate Blanchette won the 2013 Oscar but it was awarded in 2014.

  214. Carol Says:

    Please add my vote for a print/poster.

  215. Gina Sanderson Says:

    Hi Paul and crew,

    I can make up gorgeous product with this image. I have one place in particular I think could do a sublimated bag, cosmetic bags, etc. They are all USA made so could be shipped to the UK with no issue.

    I’d love to work up some concepts. Reach out to me.


  216. M Topping Says:

    URGENT! Arnold SCAASI not “Scassi” for Barbra Streisand, 1969:

  217. A green Says:

    I need a copy of this for my best friend s fortieth we have been staying up all night watching the oscars together for 16 years!

  218. Mariea Singleton Says:

    Please email me when this poster is available for purchase and where it can be obtained. It is amazing and I have a friend who is dying to have it…and I want it to!

  219. Ellen Says:

    I’m in for a poster, as well.

  220. Jacqui Hayden Says:

    I need this poster! Can you email me when it is available to purchase?

  221. Mary Lewis Says:

    Congratulations, would also like to join the long list of people interested in this as a print or poster, can’t add my website as it is currently “down” after being hacked!

  222. Vanessa Says:

    I would really love this as a poster too! Hope it will be available in England.

    Vivien Leigh one the Best Actress award in 1951, although she didn’t attend the ceremony.

  223. Karen Jill Says:

    My first response when I saw this was, “I would love a poster of this”, apparently I am not alone. Can you email me when it is available for purchase? Thanks so much!

  224. Cheryl Says:

    Wonderful idea and designed so well, and yes add me to the list of potential poster purchasers x

  225. Mariela Sexer Says:

    I love the poster.Please let me know when is on sale. I am from Argentina.I want a copy. I have friends Please write me when is on sale.

  226. Andreas Says:

    My wife would love this and i would like to buy a print when available

  227. peter Says:

    We would love to buy a print as well.

  228. lori lamanna Says:

    love this print would love to purchase one please let me know when it becomes available thank you

  229. ashu Says:

    these are just awesome dresses. thank you for designing this wonderful infographic

  230. Josh_Lake Says:

    The ugliest dress in Oscar night history, bar none, was Bette Davis’s housedress.

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